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Fairy on a rose My name is Reneé Le Vine. I am an author of Christian science fiction and fantasy novels and stories. I have also written articles for the Christian anime/manga e-zine Anime Angels and currently write a monthly column for the website The Pallet Tribune. With my website, as well as related networking, I hope to generate interest in my work prior to sending it to publishers and hopefully after it is published as well.

If a fantasy land of elves, fairies, and quests is your idea of fun, you can find that here through my Tales of Walden. If science fiction and technology is more your thing, you can find that here too through my novels Darkly Bound and The CYA Files and my young adult series TimeSavers. Ready to start a journey into strange new worlds? Then take my hand, and let's begin!

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You can find some useful tools and sites on my resources page.

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