Worlds I’m Weaving

These are works that I am currently working on.

Music Land Maestress

A Magical Girl Adventure
NaNoWriMo 2012 Winner, Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017 Participant

Being a high school student is hard enough. But then Sara Perkins and six other girls are recruited by Allegron Elyden, a knight from the music-filled magical land of Lyra, to fight against the Dissonance Kingdom, who has invaded his world. Their mission: protect seven jewels containing the essences of Lyra’s seven princesses, who are Lyra’s last hope against the Dissonance Kingdom’s plan to plunge their world into despair and darkness, by taking them into their hearts. In return, the girls gain the ability to become magical girls and to help Allegron fight the Dissonance Kingdom, who has followed Allegron and his partner to our world. But between this and the normal issues of being a teenager, can they pull it off?


Nukata: A Novel

A Historical Romance
NaNoWriMo 2016 Winner

How does one keep one’s dignity in a new and confusing world? That is the question Princess Nukata must ask herself when she marries into the Imperial Family and exchanges her simple life in the countryside for the more complex royal court in the midst of Japan’s turbulent Asuka Period. It is a period when Japan is still figuring out its identity, and Nukata will be swept up in a tide of ambition, jealousy, and intrigue, with only her dignity and her poetry to keep her grounded. But whether she will come out intact, and with her romance safe, remains to be seen.


The Case of the Canterbury Colony Ship

A Sci-Fi Mystery
Camp NaNoWriMo April 2017 Winner

Sophie Hughes is a young autistic woman who loves to curl up with a good book, especially mysteries. But she hasn’t had the chance to tackle any big mysteries — until now. After she and her friends Lillie, Paige, and Kylie gain some fame on their college campus for solving some mysteries there, Sophie thinks they’re ready to tackle bigger things, and hopes to prove just that by getting her and her friends on the case of the U.S.S. Elliot, a generation ship whose crew and passengers have mysteriously disappeared. But while they get on the case, the police just find them a nuisance, and the case is no easier for them to solve than for the police. Can they prove their worth, or will their first big mystery be a flop?


The CYA Files

A Sci-fi Action Novel
NaNoWriMo 2017 Winner

Emily Johnson was happy as a Space Ranger at Venus Station. But when civil war forces her team to be evacuated back to Earth, she feels displaced. Little does she know answering a simple ad will change her life, bringing her into the fold of the mysterious Christian Youth Alliance. Are they protectors? Vigilantes? Superheroes? No one knows for sure. But while helping them defeat the evil Lord Nekros, Emily will find there is a purpose for her life that transcends her job as a Ranger…and might even be better.


The Stars Above Us

A Sci-Fi Adventure
NaNoWriMo 2015 Participant

Katia Sewick’s dull, apathetic life on 33rd-century Earth is turned upside down when she inherits a space station from her grandfather. She doesn’t know the first thing about running a space station. Moreover, the crew doesn’t trust her, and makes her prove herself before she can take over. But as soon as she does, a biological threat is discovered onboard, that if not stopped could kill them all. But how did the biological threat get there in the first place? Why would someone want to harm the crew of a space station in the middle of nowhere? Katia will have to put her new leadership role to the test to save everyone before it’s too late.


Tales of Walden

A High Fantasy Universe
Camp NaNoWriMo April 2016 Winner

Welcome to the land of Walden, a fantastical realm created by Chaimvin, the Friend of Life. Peopled by elves, men, dwarves, sea peoples, dwelves, and fairies, it seems peaceful. But centuries ago, Marek, one of Chaimvin’s greatest servants, betrayed him and planted a bitter seed of evil in the land. Though he was defeated, the effects of his seed still poison the land, leading to sin and evil, as well as the creation of the Dark Elves and their unnatural half-animal hybrids, the Kannarah. All is not well in Walden. But hopefully, one day, a savior will come…